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Welcome in Polička Town

Polička serves as a gateway to the Žďár Hills (Žďárské vrchy), one of the most beautiful parts of the Czech-Moravian Highlands (Českomoravská vrchovina). Polička used to be a dowry town of Czech Queens in the past, and was one of the richest cities in Eastern Bohemia during 18th century.

The historic town centre is encircled by an impressive wall, some 1220 metres long, fortified with 19 towers, and has a gallery partly open for public. A fine Marian Pillar, amongst the most remarkable monuments of its sort in the Czech Republic, is located in the main square, near to the baroque City Hall with its Municipal Art Museum.

The dominant feature of the city is St. James' Church. Internationally famous composer Bohuslav Martinů was born and grew up in a little room in its tower. (His birth place is open to public.) The Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička houses a new exhibition about the life and work of the composer, as well as displays detailing the history of the area and exhibitions of the fine local glasswork.

We recommend that you link your visit to Polička with an excursion to Castle Svojanov which is only 17 km away.

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